The Doom that came to Karrnath

Saving the Savior

Emboldened by their victory, the party decided to press on, deeper into the dungeon.

They came across what looked like a natural underground riverbed, with soiled water. By the stench, they determined that a goblin hideout or something similar must be upstream.

Walking downstream, they came across a larger cave. Strangely enough, there was a bridge spanning over the river across the cave, a good 10 meters up. Up to the right, a pair of stone statues of elven warriors guarded a large entrance. A smaller opening into the hallway was on the left side of the bridge.

The party decided to head along the river, and came across a vertical shaft with something up there that looked like a privy. Further on, they found another shaft, easier to climb and less soiled. Going up, they ended in what must have been a kitchen, and ran straight into a pair of giant centipedes, which they promptly disposed of.

Outside of the former kitchen, they found a hallway, which led to a small chapel. Here, they encountered a young woman of the Silver Flame, the Inquisitor who had been sent to investigate. To the party’s shock, she immediately attacked! With only a few seconds to decide what to do, the party decided to knock her out. When her body sank to the floor, a red mist formed around her. Fargen’s Hammer didn’t seem to do much against the mist, but the holy arrows that Breela found, and Logan’s divine magic could disperse it.

The party dragged the young woman to a quiet room they found earlier, and put her back to life. With her spirit freed from possession, she immediately set out to continue her quest, but her body gave in and she passed out again.


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