The Doom that came to Karrnath

The Shadow and the Fury

While headed for the cultist village to assess the situation, the party made a new acquaintance. A druid named Raven, in the form of the bird that gave her the name. She had been watching the village as she was afraid that its inhabitants might find, and possibly destroy, a nearby small sacred grove she had been guarding. She told of six warforged who lived with the villagers, at which the party concluded that there may be one associated to each of the six. Raven also told the party that the birds of her grove had hopes for the field, as it may feed them in the future.

Logan had an inner debate about whether he should really retrieve the book, as it might deprive the villagers of their chance to make a small patch of Mournland fertile and not starve of hunger.

The party then went to investigage the field, but as they tried to put down two skeletons that had been dispatched as guards, they were attacked by a warforged and two savage-looking men. After a vicious fight, in which Fargen struggled to get at least one good strike in, they were able to take down their foes. In the remains of the Warforged, the party found a splinter of a dragonshard with the symbol of the Fury etched in.

After a short breather, the party decided to follow other villagers to a nearby broken water mill. Ilvak went in first, but in an ill-advised stunt jumped through a window and landed in the dried-out stream. The rest of the party noticed a another warforged, built of a strange, pitch black material, pursuing the pursuers. A fight ensued, in which the warforged dislodged his arms and had them flailing around him. The party managed to put him down and remain victorious. Again they found a dragonshard splinter, this time of the Shadow.

As the party retreated to their hideout to rest and regain their strength, they noticed another warforged, crafted of half bone and half metal, collecting the remains of the defeated.


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