The Doom that came to Karrnath

Deeper into the Mournland

On their way deeper into the Mournland, the party had a run-in with a Living Lightning spell, but thanks to Mistwalker quickly realising what it is, everyone could duck for cover and avoid most of the Lightning Strikes zipping around. That is, except for Logan who had a bit of a dance and was zapped while trying to take off his chain mail.

Another encounter with a Living Web spell was less lucky. Ilvak, who had been shadowing the group, jumped out of the mist and heroically tried to shield everyone, but took a few nasty hits that had him dragged closer to the creature and webbed into a cocoon.
Breela meanwhile could weaken it with a few well-placed shots, while the rest of the group mostly tried to get their wits together. The webby mass turned out to be quite hard to rip apart effectively.
Ilvak could cut himself out of the cocoon and Mistwalker managed to stomp out the remaining bits, but not before Breela got hit by another shot of spiderweb and dragged across the barren ground.

The party then encountered a lightning rail path and decided to follow it until the sun was about to set. They found a station, where an unfriendly local told them to go away and leave them alone. He hissed the word „heretic“ at Logan. Ilvak’s keen senses noticed that something was dragged across the platform before, possibly the sled they are following.

The party decided to take shelter in a nearby shed, where only a small side-building still had enough roof.

During the night, Breela’s shifter nature took control and made her stroll outside to a lonely field, which had been freshly tilled. This was quite unusual, as everything around was dead, to the point that it didn’t even decay.
She called in Logan, who confirmed that there was a Silver Flame presence on the field.

The next morning, the group decided to investigate the field again, and found a young woman guarding it. Mistwalker decided to step out the mist. He did manage to convince her that he was just a wanderer who happened to come by, and she did not attack him with the arcane wand she had pointed at him. His attempts to convince her that this miracle of a fertile field in the Mournland should be shared with everyone did not convince her, though. She insisted that this secret could not be shared, that there was only one such field, and that it had to be protected. She mentioned that there was a community and that it had a leader, but she was extremely suspicious and hostile.
For Mistwalker, who had been wandering these lands before, this was not a surprise, as this is a common trait of those trying to survive in what is left of Cyre.

Venturing out to retrieve a book

After spending a few days at the monastery of the Silver Flame to recuperate, Fargen Hammerheart, formerly of House Kundarak, decided it was his mission to assemble a party to venture deep into the Mournland and recover the package that he was to deliver. The party was not able to gather too much about the contents, only that it was a holy book of the Silver Flame that was meant to protect and sanctify this outpost.

Mistwalker, a monk who had lost his memories in the Mournland, Logan Tessel, a young servant of the Silver Flame and Breela Longclaw, a Shifter scout from the south volunteered to be his companions on this mission.

The party ventured south to the intersection where Fargen was attacked by the Warforged. From there, they headed west into the mist. First, they had to cross river Cyre, which caused some problems for Logan has he took an unplanned bath in the river.

In the mist, the group encountered a disturbing visions, which manifested into the shape of two young girls. While they were calling for Fargen to save them, they also seemed to recognize Mistwalker from somewhere.

When the group noticed that the girls were not harmless apparitions, but live-draining spectral entities, they decided to fight. It may have been the general confusion in the mist, when the combat did not go all that well for the group, but they managed to drive the spirits off.

The group kept wandering west and came upon a small abandoned village. They decided to make camp for the night and chose the old temple of the Sovereign Host as shelter, even though the temple appeared to have been defaced by followers of the Six. Especially discomforting was the fire they created in an old incense burner, which kept mumbling about the power of the Fury, on of the Six.

Not as well-rested as they wish they had been, the party decided to venture on the next morning, deeper into the Mournland.

Logan and the Nameless Traveller (Mistwalker)

In the months following the Mourning Event in Cyre, Logan travelled south to the border of Thrane and Cyre to see the catastrophe which had ended the Last War for himself. Drawn to the edge of the wall of cloud, Logan saw a thin, dishevelled, young man emerge. While Logan approached warily with an arrow knocked, it was soon obvious that the man posed no immediate threat. He raced forward and gave aid to the unconscious man. Once revived, he led the young man (who could not remember his name) back to the Monastery of the Eternal Flame, a Silver Flame monastery which had, over the past year, evolved into a Cyran refugee camp of sorts. Logan gave the nameless traveller into the care of Sister Naileen, and then settled himself into a life at the monastery, helping the Cyran victims of the Last War recover.


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