The Doom that came to Karrnath

Breela, Dino Hunter

Breela, Logan and Fargen set out to travel to the Mror Holds, a trip that would take them through the border region of the Talenta Plains and Karrnath. Before leaving, the party purchased a pony and cart for their belongings, which would also serve as a cover to appear as travelling merchants.

The first night, they arrived at a small hamlet, and stayed in the barn of a local farm house.

The second night, they arrived at Bromfort, a small, fortified town halfway between Fort Bones and Fort Zombie. The Karrnathi sure have a talent for subtle place naming.

The town itself was rather quiet, according from what the party heard it would be much more lively once per month, when local bards and merchants gather for a fair. The day they arrived, there were only a few guests in the local tavern, the Black Goblin.

The innkeeper was a willowy female dwarf named Ingerd Vanedotr. Her brewing skills were quite impressive, as was her aggressive flirting with any male dwarven guest.

The other patrons were:

Janbeor: Male Human Fighter. Janbeor is rough in appearance, with blonde hair and sharp brown eyes. He wears plate mail and wields a bastard sword and long bow. A Karrnathi veteran, unhappy to be still alive – he’d wished for a heroic death to serve in the legion. His arm was bandaged, as he’d recently been attacked by a nasty dinosaur who’d come up from the plains, a fight in which he’d lost his sword and pack horse, and nearly an arm.

Norri Malleson: Male Dwarf and dagger master. Norri has a square face, with short gray hair and amber eyes. He wears simple, comfortable leather armor. More of a performer than a real combatant, his dagger skills turned out to be not quite on par with his ego and showmanship.
He said he was travelling from the Mror holds all the way to Sharn.

Oron: Male Aerenal Elf Necromancer. Oron is fey in appearance, with long copper hair and green eyes. He wears dark robes with equally dark arcane symbols. As it turned out, Oron was quite interested in catching the roaming beast, to make it a new zombie pet.

Drimay Galpsi: Female Halfling of House Jarasco. Drimay has curly blonde hair and brown eyes and wears robes with her house insignia. She sat in the tavern by herself, hunched over a book. The party didn’t learn much about her, except that it was her who saved Janbeor’s arm.

The party decided to hire Norri and Oron and set out to hunt the beast. They managed to track it back to its lair, not a terribly difficult feat given the heavy stomp marks it leaves everywhere it goes. On the way, the party found Janbeor’s horse and sword, as well as tracks that hinted that the beast may have offspring.

The lair itself was merely a sinkhole. The party braced for battle, and peppered the first two dinosaur young with arrows as they reared their heads. The party was able to slay the two before they could hurt anyone, thanks to two well-placed arrows by Breela (one-shot critical hit kills, that is…)

Then, Mommy appeared, with another young in tow. Fargen could hold off the beast, and even withstand one of its massive bites with barely a scratch. Logan still wisely bestowed him with Divine Endurance as well as the Strength of the Flame.

Breela, unimpressed, scored her third critical against the mommy for a hattrick, although the older beast did not falter that easily. Norri’s daggers hit rocks and trees, but no beast. Oron, meanwhile, tested his necromantic mettle by reviving a junior dino, which promptly tried to sink its teeth into mommy, but proved to weak to scratch her.

As both remaining beasts were staggered, Logan unleashed the Judgement of the Flame, a massive spell that killed the last young, heavily hit the mommy, and as a collateral, killed the zombie dino. Norri redeemed himself somewhat by getting a dagger in the big dino’s eyes, but it was Fargen who finished it with a string of mighty blows to its chest.

They left the corpse with Oron, who started to prepare a necromantic ritual to zombiefy it. Logan, whatever inner qualms he may have had to leave Oron to his business, decided that whatever destruction the elf might wreck upon Karrnath was likely well-deserved.

Fargen, meanwhile, brought the old soldier back his sword and concluded the day with another good Black Goblin ale.


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