Breella Longclaw

Shifter Ranger


She is an especially feral-looking shifter with very long and unruly hair and nails, She attempts to make herself look more ‘normal’ by shaving her face and arms every day, but it doesn’t take long for her natural look to return.


Breella grew up in a nomadic shifter clan living between the borders of Breland and Droaam. As a youngster she looked and acted as a regular member of the clan, but as her teenage years approached she started to feel that she was different to her friends and family. As others developed their ability to shift into more feral versions of themselves to help with hunting and defending their clan, Breella found that when she focused, rather than becoming stronger she became weaker but was able to gain insight into her enemies movements or intentions. This difference caused suspicion from others in the clan and she was ridiculed by her peers and shunned by her family who saw her as weak and unusual. It wasn’t until meeting a bounty hunter who helped her escape a dangerous situation that she began to see the value of her talents and begin to hone her skills as a tracker and hunter. Several years later Breella decided to leave the clan that would not accept her, or see the value of her skills and has since been selling her skill as a tracker, and slowly (but not terribly successfully thus far) attempting to fit into ‘civilised’ society.

Breella Longclaw

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