The Doom that came to Karrnath

Masks of Blood and Silver

The group reached the border of the Mournland and stepped into the mist. Within the mist, they came upon a strange plane, where a small pixie-like creature made of pure silver flame (called Plum) greeted them.

Plum took them to a small stream and taught the adventurers how to create masks and fancy dresses from its waters.

It then took them to a splendorous mansion in the middle of a lake. The bridge towards it was blocked by an imposing half-ogre, who told them they were not invited. Fargen, however, somehow had the spark of an idea, and could twist reality to put their name on the guest list. The dumbfounded bouncer let them pass.

The bridge led to an inner courtyard, where drunk patrons started a fight. The party decided to sneak past, into a banquet room where a feast was ongoing. Further investigation led them down into the wine cellar. Despite patrons inviting them to drink and leave their troubles behind, the party resisted and went to find the owner of this wondrous mansion.

Up in the second floor, they found a smoking chamber with a concealed door, guarded by another half-ogre bouncer. Fargen’s first attempt to take the bouncer head-on ended with him flying through the next window into the lake. A short swim later, the party reunited in the courtyard. They managed to take out the bouncer in the second attempt, this time pushing him into the lake.

After passing a few doors, one of which had sounds of gambling, the other of acts of lust coming from the other side, they went straight ahead and found a vampire dominatrix with two chained up slaves. Declining to join the fun, the party decided to attack instead. Even though the vampire drained a slave to heal himself, the party could overpower her.

They stepped out of the wondrous plane and found themselves out of the mist and back in Karrnath.

According to Logan, they had somehow stepped into the Silver Flame book while between realities in the grey mist. He was not sure about the meaning of it, but it could have been the book testing their strength of will.


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