The Doom that came to Karrnath

Logan and the Nameless Traveller (Mistwalker)

In the months following the Mourning Event in Cyre, Logan travelled south to the border of Thrane and Cyre to see the catastrophe which had ended the Last War for himself. Drawn to the edge of the wall of cloud, Logan saw a thin, dishevelled, young man emerge. While Logan approached warily with an arrow knocked, it was soon obvious that the man posed no immediate threat. He raced forward and gave aid to the unconscious man. Once revived, he led the young man (who could not remember his name) back to the Monastery of the Eternal Flame, a Silver Flame monastery which had, over the past year, evolved into a Cyran refugee camp of sorts. Logan gave the nameless traveller into the care of Sister Naileen, and then settled himself into a life at the monastery, helping the Cyran victims of the Last War recover.


martin_killmann martin_killmann

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